​5 Non-Traditional Centerpieces that Will Wow Your Guests

Flowers are the traditional centerpiece for most grand affairs, whether it’s a wedding, class reunion, or a corporate retreat for your company’s top-sellers. Other common materials range from leafy plants and potted succulents to candles and glass vases.

Think outside of the box for your centerpieces when you head to Southfork Ranch for your wedding or event. The exterior filming site of oil tycoon J.R. Ewing’s family home on the TV show Dallas, Southfork Ranch melds the glamour of our ten ballrooms with an idyllic country ranch setting plucked from the pages of a Cormac McCarthy novel. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind venue.

No matter what your event’s theme, or attendance numbers, you deserve a centerpiece that stands out as much as your venue. Here are five of our favorite trendy ideas for non-traditional centerpieces that will make a stronger impression than flowers.

1. Books: Who doesn’t love a good book? There’s a certain beauty to hardcover books – and we’re not talking about the latest Clive Cussler thriller or Oprah’s book club romance. Moby Dick, Alice in Wonderland, even random early 20th century titles look amazing when bound in a smooth leather cover. Stack or bundle a few of these classic books in the center of your table, tied with a ribbon or topped with a flower for an extra boost of color.

2. Music: Bring your love of music into your event with centerpieces crafted from your favorite tunes. We’ve seen cassette tape vases, paper flowers made from sheet music, and even this clever table number display made from “upcycled” vinyl records and wine bottles. Depending on your setup, you could even use inexpensive guitars or ukuleles as the base of your centerpiece.

3. Cloche: Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast remake revived the idea of putting important items under glass. Avoid putting live greenery in an airtight cloche (glass dome) for too long, or it can wilt. Instead, try a display that captures the season or spirit of your event, such as this spring-inspired bird’s nest centerpiece. Place macarons or bonbons on a cake dome for an edible display that your guests can plunder after dinner.

4. Quotes: Another pleaser for the literary crowd: mini chalkboards adorned with your favorite quote easily translate for every occasion – no matter whether it’s a Game of Thrones wedding, a family reunion, or a corporate retreat. Place a framed chalkboard on a display easel in the center of the table, or use two back-to back so they can be viewed by guests on all sides. Tip: have an artist use washable chalk for the quote, then raffle off the centerpieces to lucky guests so they can take them home and reuse the boards.

5. Rustic re-use items: Vintage-looking items such as rusty marquees and mason jars are all the rage. Capitalize on the availability of these “found” items to design a centerpiece that illustrates your theme or interest. Having a Western wedding? Incorporate horseshoes and vintage milk bottles. Love breakfast? Serve brunch food, make Mimosas and Bloody Marys your featured drinks, and craft a breakfast-in-bed tray with vintage kitchen tools for your centerpiece.    

Your table’s centerpiece can be the finishing touch that pulls the elements of your party at Southfork Ranch. More than just aesthetically pleasing, centerpieces also provide a place to clearly label table numbers for parties with reserved seating. By choosing a non-traditional centerpiece, you guarantee that guests will have a conversation-starter no matter which table they’re seated at.

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