​Menu Ideas for Your Theme Wedding

Themes help make a wedding feel extra special. Every wedding has a theme, whether it’s a subtle nod to pearls and bubbly or an in-your-face Alice in Wonderland tea party. Your wedding theme can carry over to every aspect of the big day: favors, invitations, décor, even the gown and tux.

Food is one of the most memorable aspects of a wedding reception. Cater your entrees, dessert, and cocktails to your theme and guests will feel like they’ve been transported to the bride and groom’s own personal wonderland. Here are a few ideas for theme menus that marry your concept with your tastes.

A Garden Wedding: Shades of emerald have made Pantone’s Color of the Year hit-list two years running, so it’s no surprise that “Greenery” is one of the top wedding trends of 2017.

Food: Consider a swanky brunch menu and/or an omelet and crepe bar
Drink: Food & Wine’s Garden Elixir makes for a springy refresher
Dessert: Opt for rose cupcakes or a classic tiered cake with piped flowers

Wild, Wild Western: Once a working ranch, and the filming site for the ‘80s nighttime soap opera Dallas, Southfork has the history and ambience to accommodate the perfect Texas wedding.

Food: Good old fashioned BBQ, done in your favorite style (Tip: East Texans love fall-off-the-bone slow cooked meats, while Central Texas does dry-rub)
Drink: Serve up spiked lemonade – in a mason jar
Dessert: Mini fruit or pecan pies topped with a sheriff’s badge practically scream, “Lone Star State”

Let’s Get Medieval: If you’re a fan of Renaissance faires, or living it up Game of Thrones style, theme your reception like a king’s banquet hall (Tip: Avoid red as a theme color – Game of Thrones fans will understand). 

Food: Turkey legs or Cornish game hens are a classic. You’ll probably want your guests to eat with silverware though, rather than following the Medieval Times standard of finger-food.
Drink: Ale and mead are period alternatives to champagne
Dessert: Opt for a castle cake or mini bread puddings

The Great Gatsby: Roaring ‘20s weddings are about vintage glamour and secret rendezvous.

Food: Gatsby’s parties were loaded with upper-crust hors d’oeuvres, so break out the Oysters Rockefeller and other finger-foods
Drink: Make the Mint Julep your signature cocktail. It’s oh-so-Southern, and was Daisy Buchanan’s favorite drink in the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.
Dessert: Think ritzy and Art Deco. Glam up your cake with black and gold leaf, or opt for petit fours and other bite-sized nibbles 

Southfork Ranch provides the perfect backdrop for any theme wedding. From the tree-shaded entry lane to the famous Ewing Mansion and our ten unique ballrooms, the ranch offers something for every style. Southfork Ranch is also a full-service facility, which means that we can tailor the flowers, cake, entertainment, décor, and food to your theme. From tiki drinks and luau platters to ballpark dogs and popcorn, our caterers can make a delicious meal to align with your theme. Contact our wedding specialists for details.

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