​5 Surprising Benefits of Corporate Retreats

Corporate retreats provide valuable opportunities for management and employees alike to participate in team and skill building activities and listen to motivational and educational speeches. However, these engagements go far deeper than pep talks and creating co-worker bonds. Here are five unexpected benefits of corporate retreats.

1. Business Retreats Ignite Creativity

Getting away from the mentality of “business as usual” gives staff time to step back, re-center, and examine ways they can do their job better. Rather than serve as an escape, corporate retreats give individuals the opportunity to think beyond the walls of the office, which can foster creativity and pull team members out of a stagnant phase.  

2. Create Collaborative Co-workers

During team building exercises and free time at your retreat, there are ample opportunities for employees and management to have a “gathering of the minds.” Interacting with one another presents “Aha!” moments, as cross-departmental collaboration begins to strengthen your staff’s internal bonds. This can help dismiss feelings of never being heard and promote understanding the role of other team members so operations can run more smoothly and collectively.

3. Go Ahead…Show Off! It Could Pay Off

Are you trying to lure in some hot new talent or a sought-after executive to your company’s team? Make an impression that surpasses a few lunches or golf outings by inviting them to your next business retreat. Not only will it give desirable candidates a great introduction to your company but a chance to interact with other team mates and management.

4. Boost Company Morale

Make your company retreat a memorable reward for your staff’s hard work by including plenty of recreational perks between work gatherings and meetings. Be sure one of your speeches includes a morale boosting one filled with employee appreciation for their hard work and a job well done.

5. Reduce Stress: Give Employees Some Fresh Air

Countless studies have suggested that holding activities outdoors within natural settings can have important restoration effects and can reduce stress. Sitting in an office all day can cause staff to grow stagnant, so consider hosting a corporate retreat that offers both indoor spaces for private meetings and outdoor spaces for recreational activities and informal gatherings.

Southfork Ranch Meets All of Your Corporate Retreat Needs

Impress your team members and future prospects by holding your business gatherings at the famous Southfork Ranch near the Dallas Metroplex. You’ll have 63,000 square feet of meeting and event spaces, access to full catering and 40 acres of land with covered pavilions to give your team that much-needed fresh air. Special team building packages with an array of themes are available, as well as trail rides and horseback riding lessons if you want something really special for your staff. Contact Southfork Ranch today to discuss your needs and book your retreat today.

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