Quiz: What Should You Write in Their Wedding Card?

Nothing tests your personal etiquette more than a wedding. It doesn’t matter if the bride is your best friend since elementary school, or an extended family member you barely know, no one wants to be the one the bride and groom wrinkle their noses at or complain about later. Gift giving is especially tricky, but there’s one gesture that can really help you shine as a guest: don’t skip the wedding card! Even if you’re sending your gift ahead of time, or giving the gift of money, it’s always good etiquette to bring a card to a wedding.


If you’re notorious for writing a card at the last minute, try to think about what you want to say ahead of time. We’ve designed this quiz to help you decide what you should write in a wedding card.  



  1. What do you expect the wedding to be like?

    1. Religious church ceremony and a lot family

    2. The open bar and dance floor will be top priorities

    3. Romantic, casual, and a celebration of love

  2. How well do you know the couple?

    1. It’s my bestie!

    2. We’re good friends

    3. They’re more of an acquaintance

  3. Is the wedding traditional or more modern?

    1. Very traditional

    2. It’s semi-traditional

    3. Not traditional at all

  4. What is the dress code?

    1. Black tie

    2. Semi-formal

    3. Casual

  5. What was the price range of their wedding registry?

    1. Most gifts were over $50

    2. I didn’t really notice

    3. The couple requested no gifts or a charitable donation  


If you answered mostly As

It’s time to step it up and not wait until the last minute to write the wedding card. Your card should be more than a couple of lines. Include a personal reflection on how this person has touched your life. This is an important milestone for your beloved friend, so be sure to express your admiration and well wishes. Don’t choose a card that’s too cheeky or casual. Keep it simple and traditional.


If you answered mostly Bs

We think you’re in for a really fun wedding! Let your personality shine in your wedding card. That way when the bride and groom are reading it post-celebration, they’ll remember all the fun memories that you were a part of on their special day. Cards with non-traditional or humorous messages are fair game here, especially if you are good friends with the happy couple.


If you answered mostly Cs

It sounds like the wedding will be on the casual side, or you may not know the happy couple very well. In these situations, it’s best to keep the card short and sweet. Something like, “Never stop dating each other and you’ll never stop having fun. Thank you for including us in this beautiful celebration of love. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.” Choose a card that includes a lighthearted sentiment.


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