Where Are They Now? The Dallas TV Show Cast

Ah, Dallas. That quintessential American soap opera, chock full of every ingredient you could possibly need for good viewing: romance, sibling rivalry, murder, mystery, intrigue. Of course, let us not forget the lush Texas setting that provided the backdrop for each episode of Dallas, from its first airing in 1978 to its finally episode in 1991.
If you love the show as much as we do (which is saying something, because we’re a bit biased), you’ll enjoy this quick retrospective of the main characters. If you’ve been wondering where they are today, you’ll soon know.
Linda Gray as Sue Ellen Ewing
Beautiful Linda Gray perfectly portrays the classy wife of an oil bigshot, and continues her acting career today as both an actor and a director.
Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing
The oil heir J.R. Ewing is perhaps most famous for the scene in which he was shot, but he also constituted a primary backbone of the series. He unfortunately departed the world in 2012 due to leukemia.
Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing
 with Amy Poehler’s brother Greg.
Victoria Principal as Pamela Ewing
Bobby’s adorable wife Pamela continues to be adorable today, having transitioned from acting to do-gooding, engaging in a range of philanthropic causes.
Ken Kercheval as Cliff Barnes
Evil Cliff Barnes reprised his original role as a thorn in the Ewing family’s side in the reboot, and continues to act in film and onstage today.
Charlene Tilton and Lucy Ewing
Lucy is the charming granddaughter of original oil baron Jock Ewing, daughter of son Gary Ewing and niece to both Bobby and J.R. Today she enjoys a variety of parts in TV and film.
Steve Kanaly as Ray Krebs
Half-brother to the three Ewing sons, Ray was revealed later in the show to be an illegitimate child of Jock’s. Today he is a renowned watercolor artist. 
See Your Beloved Characters in Person!
, the set of the show. Not only can you relive the glory days of what was once the highest rated show in the world, you can enjoy horseback riding, special tours and even plan your wedding here to boot. (Big-haired theme wedding, anyone?)
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