5 Ways to Make a Company Picnic Fun

A company picnic at Southfork Ranch is unlike any other corporate event you’ve planned or attended. We will help you plan entertainment, catering and décor, while managing the specific needs and desires of your attendees. At Southfork Ranch, we’ve hosted and planned many large corporate events. Make your company picnic fun and rewarding with these planning tips.

  1. Designate a theme. Choosing a theme will give your event purpose. Then you can choose food, décor, games and prizes that are related to the theme. Whether your theme is specific to your company or it is inspired by the season, there are many theme options to make your event that much more exciting.

  2. Plan a group activity. Toward the beginning of the picnic, gather everyone together to participate in a group activity. The activity can be something passive like listening to a guest speaker or something active like doing potato sack races. It’s up to you! Having a group activity is a great ice breaker because it usually provides opportunities for people to mingle with people they don’t know.

  3. Do a raffle or offer door prizes. You could offer door prizes for the first group of people to show up to the event. This will encourage attendees to be on time! A raffle is also a fun activity and a great way to raise money for a cause.

  4. Involve spouses and children. Chances are your attendance will be higher if the whole family is invited. Kids can make some new friends while the parents also meet new people at the company. It’s a win-win!

  5. Provide entertainment. A company picnic should offer some sort of entertainment. We offer trail rides, horseback riding lessons, tours and a beautiful ranch setting perfect for a live band.


In addition to company picnics, Southfork Ranch also hosts these types of large group events:

  • Corporate Meetings and Retreats

  • Convention Events

  • Holiday Parties

  • Seminars and Fundraisers

  • Trade Shows and Product Launches

  • VIP Entertaining

  • Corporate Training Sessions

  • Large Outdoor Concerts


Located just minutes from key areas of the Metroplex, Southfork Ranch is a legendary ranch that offers a full-service venue complete with on-site catering, two full-time event planners, and a beautiful Dallas setting you won’t find anywhere else. Contact us at info@southforkranch.com or call 972-442-7800 for more information on hosting your company picnic at Southfork Ranch.

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