Dallas TV Show Ranch Scene Favorites

Dallas TV Show Ranch Scene Favorites In 1978, Dallas aired as a prime time television soap opera in which Southfork Ranch was the Ewing family home. For 13 years, Americans were captivated by the Ewing family’s massive oil empire and their larger-than-life Dallas lifestyle. It wasn’t until the famous 1980 cliffhanger of who shot J.R. that the show began setting records and captivating millions of viewers across the world.

To celebrate Dallas turning 40 years old this year, we’re reminiscing with these scenes featuring Southfork Ranch and America’s favorite villain.

​1. Sue Ellen Meets Mandy Winger at the Southfork Rodeo When Sue Ellen meets Mandy Winger at the rodeo she attempts to warn her about J.R. Mandy won’t have it and starts to turn away. But Sue Ellen leaves her with these parting words: “Isn’t it strange how the mistress always thinks she’s smarter than the wife? If she’s so smart, why is she the mistress?” Oh Sue Ellen, when did you get so wise?

2. Southfork Burns in the Season 6 Cliffhanger J.R. and Ray get into a brawl while Sue Ellen and John Ross are sleeping upstairs. The final scene of season six ends with both J.R. and Ray succumbing to the smoke before they can escape or rescue the others. We had to wait until the season seven premiere to see good ole’ Bobby save the day.

3. J.R. Hugs His Son When J.R. finds out that he is the father of Sue Ellen’s baby, he leaves the mansion party downstairs and goes up to see his son. As he picks up and hugs baby John Ross, America’s heart yearned for J.R. as they saw this new loving side to him.

4. Who shot J.R.? This episode put Dallas on the map with over 90 million American viewers tuning in to find out who shot J.R. Again we see J.R.’s vulnerability and yearn to help him. Kristin on the other hand? J.R. takes care of that situation later.

5. J.R.’s Ranch Funeral As J.R. is laid to rest at Southfork Ranch, it’s the end of an Ewing era. The family tearfully shares their memories and Sue Ellen reads a letter she received from J.R. before he died after willfully announcing the end of her sobriety. America relived all the corruption, deceit and cheating of J.R.’s life, yet once clung to his awesomeness.

Still today, we continue to welcome visitors from around the world who want to see where this beloved show was filmed and experience the ranch lifestyle made famous by the Ewing family. Southfork Ranch is open year-round for guided tours of the ranch where you can tour the mansion and see the gun that shot J.R., Lucy's Wedding Dress, the Dallas Family Tree, and Jock's Lincoln Continental. Meta: To celebrate the TV show Dallas turning 40 years old this year, we’re reminiscing with our favorite scenes featuring Southfork Ranch. By now you should know who shot J.R., but spoiler alerts ahead.
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