5 Benefits of Offsite Meetings and Training

Planning an offsite meeting or training event is a common activity for many companies. Whether your employees are coming together from all over the country or making a short trip out of the office, getting everyone together in one room to learn and grow can provide tremendous benefits.

  1. – Because most company meetings take place in the usual conference rooms, when employees receive an invitation for an off-site meeting, it’s an automatic command for their attention. It’s as if to say, “pay attention, this is important.” The access to high-quality technology that’s already set up for you also helps improve engagement. If you’ve been wanting to test out a new power point software, an offsite meeting could be the time to do it.

  1. – It sounds corny, but it’s important. When employees like each other, they work better together. Having dedicated face-to-face time is invaluable to fostering healthy comradery. Everyone’s there for the same reason, so it’s an easy ice breaker to strike up a conversation with someone new.

  1. – The fact that you’re meeting out of the office means you’re making an effort to change up the scenery. Could this inspire your employees to think of other things that need a change? Creative thinking is paramount to new business ideas. If you’re reviewing a new product or software, employees might feel more obliged to offer feedback or a new perspective. If you’re coming together for an all-hands creative meeting, chances are you’ll leave with some incredible results.

  1. . If you want to send the message to your employees that they’re valued and appreciated, an offsite meeting or training event can do just that.    

  1. – If you’re hosting an all-day event, your employees will start to get hungry about two hours into the day. Having snacks and drinks available throughout the day, with options for lunch and dinner, keeps everyone happy and thriving. Your meeting capabilities will get a nice boost in technology as well when you’re in a space that’s dedicated to hosting great corporate events.


, we strive to provide a beautiful backdrop for any kind of corporate event or team outing. These are just a few of the types of events we host at the ranch:

  • Corporate Meetings and Retreats

  • Convention Events

  • Holiday Parties

  • Seminars, Fundraisers and Company Picnics

  • Trade Shows and Product Launches

  • VIP Entertaining

  • Corporate Training Sessions


ranch that offers a full-service venue complete with on-site catering, two full-time event planners, and a beautiful Dallas setting you won’t find anywhere else. Contact us at info@southforkranch.com or call 972-442-7800 for more information on hosting your group outing at Southfork Ranch.

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