Decorating Tips For Your Next Event Space Rental

When planning your next event at Southfork Ranch, we have many rental spaces to choose from. Take a walk around the grounds and you’ll find a quintessential barn, perfectly manicured lawn, and the beautiful mansion made famous in the long-running television series Dallas. You can’t go wrong with choosing Southfork Ranch as your venue. Because the ranch already exudes character and class, you don’t have to do much in terms of decorating, but we do have some tips for making your event run smoothly.   


Logo or Welcome Sign


If you’re hosting a corporate event, you’ll want to incorporate your branding in a big way. Consider printing a large logo that you can display in the center of the space. Branded napkins, coffee mugs, snack bags, and other items are also a unique way to showcase your company. These are also nice takeaway gifts for your attendees and will let them know that you went the extra mile in planning this event for them.


as they enter the event space. For weddings, you can include any details about the flow of the event, like where they should sit and if they should grab a drink before the ceremony. Many couples also like to have a designated hashtag so they can see all the social media photos that their guests post. Displaying your hashtag in a visible way will encourage guests to take photos and share.


Lounge & Seating Areas


Styling designated seating areas is key to making your event flow. If you’ll be hosting a formal meal, consider using name plates so your guests aren’t worrying about where to sit when it’s time to eat. In addition, weddings and other social events should have intimate seating areas where guests can talk and watch the festivities take place. Use comfortable chairs to encourage guests to sit back and stay awhile.


Corporate events usually involve sitting around a conference table or rows of chairs facing a podium. We know you need to get work done, but we’ve found that arranging other seating areas around the room encourages smaller breakout conversations. Stimulating safe sharing spaces for those intimidated by large events will make it a successful event for everyone.


Food & Beverage Stations


at your event. Whether it’s snack bags or a buffet line, you’ll want to take some time to really think about the tone of your event. Snack stations are a must for corporate events. Offer baked goods and coffee in the morning to get everyone started on the right foot. A casual but healthy lunch with water and iced tea will give everyone an afternoon boost. Carefully consider if you’ll hand out snack bags as you may hear some wrappers crunching mid speech.


, the food is the main event. Just kidding, it’s the ceremony, but the food is a really big deal! A buffet line is a good option because it gets people out of their seats saying hi to people and chatting in line about how pretty the bride looks. It sets the tone for a lively occasion. A formal sit-down dinner is also a great option. Every bride wants to feel pampered on her wedding day, and a formal dinner does just that. White tablecloths and gorgeous centerpieces only add to the ambiance.


Activity Setup


To prevent your event from dragging on, our expert planners suggest giving it some structure. An activity can do just that. Family reunions are a great time for some relay races and corn hole. Shake out the stiffness of a corporate event by heading outside for a group walk break. Encourage wedding guests to sign a book or write down words of wisdom for the happy couple. These types of activities will give guests something to do and are a great way to break the ice.


At Southfork Ranch, our manicured lawn is the ideal spot for an outdoor concert. Live entertainment is the ultimate activity and we can make it happen. Bring in the stage, the lights, and the band, and you’ve got yourself an event that no one will forget.


Host your event at Southfork Ranch!


Our full staff of event planning professionals will help make your experience effortless and enjoyable.


is a renowned Texas legend and landmark that is home to more than 1,400 events each year and we love what we do! Contact us at (972) 442-7800 for more information and to speak with one of our event planning professionals.

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