How to Avoid Choosing the Wrong Venue for Your Fall Wedding

If you’re looking for a fall wedding venue in the Dallas area, you’ll need to consider a few key points so you don’t end up choosing the wrong one. To be honest, it’s hard to figure out how to choose a wedding venue that’s both unique and on budget. As event planning experts, we’ve compiled this list of things to consider when choosing your Dallas wedding venue.




Finding a central location will help you accommodate your guests. Consider if there is a hotel nearby and if transportation is available. It’s also important that your guests can easily locate the venue. You don’t want any latecomers!




A venue that offers food and beverage services is your best bet. Even better if it’s gourmet! If you want to provide appetizers, a buffet, or formal dinner, be sure to look at the catering menu.




Take a walk around the grounds before you book a venue. What does it offer that you might not find at other venues? Perhaps 300 acres of ranchland would appeal to you. Just imagine the possibilities these unique features will add to your wedding.    


Keep in mind the size of your group when choosing a venue. Will you need a large space for the ceremony? Make sure the venue can accommodate your nuptials from beginning to end.




You don’t want to find the perfect venue only to find out it’s not available. Check availability early on in your venue assessment to avoid disappointment and added stress. Also keep in mind if another wedding will be held the night before yours, this could mean a later setup time for you.  




Any good event planner knows to always plan for added expenses. This is especially true when choosing a conference venue. Factor in transportation, catering, décor, giveaways, etc. to your overall budget before you put down a deposit.   




Many venues have full-time event planners on staff to help you plan your wedding. Day-of services are a big plus. No bride wants to be dealing with last-minute details while she’s getting ready.


Located just minutes from key areas of the Metroplex, Southfork Ranch is a legendary ranch that offers a full-service wedding venue complete with on-site catering, two full-time event planners, and a beautiful Dallas setting you won’t find anywhere else. Contact us at or call 972-442-7800 for more information.

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