7 Things Every Event Planner Should Know

Over the years, we’ve hosted many successful events at Southfork Ranch. As experts in event planning, we’ve compiled this list of things every event planner should know.

Don’t plan a corporate meeting without a snack table. Don’t plan a wedding without appetizers before dinner. Having an on-site caterer is a big advantage when choosing a venue. Beyond the main meal, your guests will likely need something to hold them over to the next part of the event. A snack table is also a nice way to encourage mingling during a corporate meeting.

Don’t show your clients a venue that you know can’t accommodate the number of people on your guest list. The more space the better. You can always create more intimate gathering spaces if the space is wide open. Cramming people into a small space is not the answer.

The event planner is the ringleader of what can sometimes feel like a circus. It’s important to know that you set the tone. Your attitude is contagious. If you’re feeling stressed, your clients will too. Leading up to the event and the day of the event, adopt a confident and positive way of life. Everyone will be happier for it.



             Whether it’s a corporate event or a big wedding, lighting makes a big difference. Believe it or not, most event planners lay out a lighting plan. When will you dim the lights? When will you turn them completely off? Do you need to bring in extra detail lighting? Being mindful about lighting will set the tone for a meeting and pay off when a bride sees her photos.


5. Crank the Volume Up a Notch


             Turn the mic on. Press play on the playlist. Then crank it up a couple notches. There’s nothing worse than not being able to hear the speaker or dancing to soft music. It’s common for an event planner to err on the quieter side, but we’re here to tell you we want to feel it in our bones. Knocking boots on the dance floor is so much more fun when you can sing at the top of your lungs.   


6. The Event Starts with the Invitation


             When your guests open their invitation, this is the moment the excitement starts to build. Imagine the build-up when they see a unique and infamous venue location on the invite. Give your guests something to look forward to by choosing an excitement-inducing venue.


7. Less is More


sounds pretty nice to us.


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