Corporate Team Building Activities for Small Groups

When planning a corporate event for a small group, it’s important to plan some interactive activities that will help break the ice. Team building activities might get some eye rolls at first, but the end results are positive. A group of people that feels connected and engaged with each other will likely be more productive and conducive at work. Here is a list of our favorite team building activities for small groups.


Two Truths and A Lie – Have each person in the group share three things about themselves. One is a lie and the other two are true. The group has to guess which one is a lie.


Show and Tell – Everyone brings a personal item to share with the group. Go around and have each person explain what the item is and why it is meaningful to their story.


Team Lunch – Arrange a group lunch paid for by the company. Encourage everyone to sit with someone new. Hand out colored popsicle sticks as each person orders their lunch. Then they must sit at the corresponding colored table.


Talent Assessment – Have the group take a professional talent assessment online. Review the results together and talk about how each person’s strengths contribute to the team.


Competitive Activity – Divide into groups and assign an activity related to your line of work. The team that produces the best results wins a prize.


Group Brainstorm – Gather the group together for a brainstorm. Have a whiteboard at the head of the room where you write down ideas. Ask each person to contribute something to the session.


Mock Shark Tank – Designate a panel of “sharks” to assess each pitch. Volunteers for the group will pitch a campaign idea or new product idea to the rest of the group.


Company Trivia – Plan an after-hours trivia game with questions related to your company. Divide into teams and offer up an incentive prize.


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