Unique Fundraising Ideas for Large Groups

When planning a fundraising event for a large group, it’s important to plan activities that will engage guests and encourage them to donate. Here are some unique fundraising ideas to consider when planning your next group fundraiser.  


Wishing Lanterns


for the event ahead of time. Then when guests arrive to the event, you can ask for donations in order to “buy” a lantern. These oversized lanterns are traditionally used for making a wish. Once you light the lantern, take a moment to think about a wish for you or someone else. Then when you’re ready, send it up into the sky as a symbol of your wish.  


Live Concert Event


A live concert fundraiser is a great way to get a large group excited about raising money. What you can do is provide a free event for people to attend with food, activities, and of course, a live concert! Then you can charge money for some of the special activities. It’s also a great idea to do a live auction throughout the event. Even asking for donations at the door is a pressure-free way to raise some extra money.


with wide open spaces and enough room for activity booths and a stage.  


Gift Basket Raffle


This is a great idea for a corporate fundraiser. Each department in the company is in charge of creating a themed gift basket with a small budget that the company provides. For example, a theme could be “A Night at the Movies” or “Retro Kids Toys.”  Seeking donations from local businesses is an easy way to keep costs down.


Then, designate a day for friends and family to come bid on the baskets they want. Provide food and music to make it fun for everyone. Guests can purchase raffle tickets at the door. They can go around and look at all the baskets on display, placing their tickets in the baskets they want to win. At the end of the event, randomly choose a ticket and call out the winner of each basket.


Modern Bake Sale


The traditional bake sale fundraiser is a classic way to raise money and get some sweet treats. For a modern twist on the idea, ask participants to make unique food items that they love to eat. Vegan, vegetarian, nut-free and healthy options are encouraged! Host a sale day where guests dress in their exercise or athletic attire to promote overall healthy living. Of course, some sweet treats should be there too!


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