What to Look for in a Dallas Winter Event Venue

If you’re planning a Christmas or winter event in Dallas, here are some simple strategies for choosing the perfect venue.  


Optimal Indoor and Outdoor Seating


A large group event like a wedding, reunion, or corporate party requires a lot of seating. But it’s not just tables and chairs for mealtime. If you want to create an environment that stimulates conversation and dancing, you’ll want to optimize other areas of the venue to create additional seating areas. Ideally you would want both indoor and outdoor seating options for a winter event.  


Space for Activities


Every event planner knows that a large event must have activities and things to do. Make sure you check out the venue for areas that can be transformed into activity areas. A large open field is ideal for hosting a festival or craft fair with live entertainment.


On-Site Catering


An event space with on-site catering is a win for you. Let the venue take care of the planning, while you do the hosting. Make sure your guests are hydrated and happy with snacks and drinks available throughout the event. If you’re planning on serving a meal during your event, Southfork Ranch offers an in-house food and beverage staff perfect for any type of event, from picnics to VIP dinners.  


Southwest Flair


No Dallas event is complete without some Southwest flair. When you first set foot on our property at Southfork Ranch, you’ll find a quintessential barn, perfectly manicured lawn, and the beautiful mansion made famous in the long-running television series Dallas. You can’t go wrong with choosing Southfork Ranch as your venue for a large winter event.


Host your event at Southfork Ranch!


We are experts in creating memorable holiday events with legendary style. We offer gorgeous ballrooms, full-service catering, impressive décor and entertainment amenities with a special touch of Texas hospitality. Our full staff of event planning professionals will help make your experience effortless and enjoyable.


Southfork Ranch is a renowned Texas legend and landmark that is home to more than 1,400 events each year and we love what we do! Contact us at (972) 442-7800 for more information and to speak with one of our event planning professionals.

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