Yeehaw! Fun Western Themed Birthday Party Games

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When planning a birthday party at Southfork Ranch, we have everything you need. When you first set foot on our property, you’ll find a quintessential barn, perfectly manicured lawn, and many opportunities to create the party you envision. You can’t go wrong with choosing Southfork Ranch as your venue for a birthday party, no matter what age group!


We love seeing the themes our guests choose for their events. One of our favorites is a western-theme that celebrates the character of Dallas. If you’re planning a western-themed birthday party, we have some party game ideas for you.




Always fun for large groups is a western photo booth. Offer a variety of western attire including boots, hats, and clothing. Guests can choose which outfit they want to wear for the photo.




Perfect for a kids’ birthday party, but also fun for adults. Each person at the party is blindfolded when it’s their turn. Someone spins them around and then faces them towards a donkey poster hanging on the wall. They have to walk towards it and pin a tail where they think it should be.




Use hay as the stand-in horse. Twirl the lasso and throw it towards the hay. Try to rope the lasso around the hay. Good catch!




This classic game is easy to set up. Simply hammer a stake into the ground to create your target. Then, about 10 feet away, arrange a pile of horseshoes where each player will stand and toss. Gently hurl each horseshoe toward the target with the goal of catching it on the target.




For a fun twist on the horseshoe game, use rubber snakes instead of horseshoes and cowboy boots as the target. See how many snakes you can toss into the boot!




Set up a craft station where guests can create their own ‘wanted’ poster. Have one on display as an example.


Host your birthday party at Southfork Ranch!


Our full staff of event planning professionals will help make your experience effortless and enjoyable.


is a renowned Texas legend and landmark that is home to more than 1,400 events each year and we love what we do! Contact us at (972) 442-7800 for more information and to speak with one of our event planning professionals.

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