5 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Venue

If you’re visiting a potential outdoor wedding venue, make sure you ask these important questions.  

  1. Is there more than one wedding per day?


If you don’t ask this question, you might be surprised to see another bride and groom on the grounds. Some venues book several weddings on the same night if the venue is large enough. This isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. If there will be another wedding, ask follow-up questions about parking, privacy, and timing.

  1. Can we take photographs on the venue grounds?


For many brides, photos are one of the most important parts of their wedding day. If you have your heart set on a specific photo backdrop, make sure it’s possible. Ask the venue if any areas are off-limits for photos. If they’ll allow it, have your photographer visit the venue ahead of time and scope out some photo spots.

  1. What time can we set up?


Some brides forget to ask this question and then are surprised when they can’t set up for their wedding until one hour before the ceremony. Don’t cause extra stress on your wedding day! Ask about timelines and restrictions. As a follow-up, inquire about any on-site planners who help with set up.

  1. Do you have any catering partners?


Some venues only allow you to choose from a preferred list of catering partners. This can be beneficial. Because the preferred caterers have worked with the venue before, this can minimize any surprises. If you can work with any catering company, ask the venue if they have any suggestions.

  1. Is there a curfew?


This is an important question for planning the timeline of your reception. It’s not uncommon for venues to have curfews in place if they are located near a residential neighborhood. If there is a curfew, you might consider putting an end time on your invitation or opting for an earlier ceremony start time.


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