Top Qualities Every Outdoor Activity Venue Should Have

If you’re planning a large group event in Dallas, here are some qualities we believe your outdoor activity venue should have.   




This usually goes without saying, but location is high up on the list when choosing an event venue. Look for a venue that’s easy to get to for your guests. You probably won’t be able to accommodate everyone, but trying to find a central location is key.




A venue location with a large open parking area will be a big benefit on event day. If the venue doesn’t have parking, you might be able to use a local valet company to help, but on-site parking is ideal.




A large group event like a fundraiser, reunion, or corporate party requires a lot of space for people to sit. But it’s not just tables and chairs for mealtime. If you want to create a stimulating environment, you’ll want to optimize other areas of the venue to create additional seating areas. Ideally you would want one large entertainment space that could fit several rows of chairs or benches.




Every event planner knows that a large event must have activities and things to do. Make sure you check out the venue for areas that can be transformed into activity areas. A large open field is ideal for hosting a festival or craft fair with live entertainment. Even better if the venue offers unique activities like horseback riding, for example.




is ideal for any type of event, from picnics to VIP dinners.  






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