Why We're One of the Best Event Spaces in Dallas

If you’re planning an event in the Dallas area, you’re probably searching for a venue that has enough space for your attendees, but also offers an inspiring environment that’s fun and inspiring. Head to Plano where you’ll find a gem of a venue called Southfork Ranch. How cool would it be to host your event on a ranch? We’re here to tell you why you should.


Reason #1: Originality


. If not, you’ll feel right at home when you witness its charm. Whether you’re hosting a family reunion or a corporate meeting, unique factors in an event space will make for a more successful event.


. You want your guests to walk in and immediately get excited.


Reason #2: Catering


perfect for any type of event, from picnics to VIP dinners. We also make sure your guests are hydrated and happy with an open snack bar to hold them over until lunch.


Reason #3: Technology


choose a location that has a track record for hosting corporate events. This will ensure things like technology don’t interrupt your valuable time. We offer all the technology tools that you will need when hosting a large corporate meeting or event.


Reason #4: Location


Finding a central location will help you accommodate the most people. Southfork Ranch is easy to find and located just minutes from key areas of the Metroplex.


Reason #5: Size


for corporate breakout sessions? Looking to host a small intimate wedding? Southfork Ranch can go big or small, depending on your type of event.


ranch that offers a full-service conference venue and outdoor venue space complete with on-site catering, two full-time event planners, and a beautiful Dallas setting you won’t find anywhere else. Contact us at or call 972-442-7800 for more information on hosting your conference at Southfork Ranch.

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