How Far in Advance Should You Plan a Wedding?

Of the many years, months and days that make up a lifetime, few are as memorable as a wedding day. You want those memories to be good, of course, which means it’s imperative that you adhere to a strict timeline when it comes to planning your nuptials.

The timeline varies for different elements of the wedding. Some aspects must be planned at the very start, such as the venue, while others can wait until the months or weeks leading up to your special day. Let’s take a closer look now.

Venue: 12-18 Months in Advance

This is the most important element of your wedding, the one that will set the tone for the entire event. Book a venue as soon as the question gets popped!

Photographer: 12-18 Months in Advance

Want memories that last a lifetime? You need a good photographer, so don’t wait to book. This is especially true if you’re having a destination wedding, and will need to source a photographer from the area to which you are traveling, or will need one to travel with you.

Stylist: 9-12 Months

If you’re not doing hair and makeup yourself, then make sure you lock down your stylist ahead of time, especially if there’s travel involved.

Officiant: 9-12 Months

, so make sure to check with the individual organization ahead of time.

Caterer: 9-12 Months

Caterers go quick, so if you book your venue further in advance, nab your caterer soon after. Whatever you do, don’t wait more than 9 months, or you risk losing the perfect meal experience.

Cake Maker: 6-9 Months

Don’t forget about the cake! Err on the side of more time if you have a particularly large cake, a far-away destination, or a complex order such as a cake + cupcakes.

Florist: 6-9 Months in Advance

Flowers make the day cheerful and bright! Don’t miss out on the florist of your dreams. Book at least 6 months in advance, and more if you need travel or a large order.

, for your special day. With old-school Southern charm and a range of different sites, you’ll have no trouble finding an event location to suit your tastes. Perfect for gatherings both large and intimate, Southfork is the ultimate wedding day experience, so call us at (972) 442-7800 to ask questions or book today!

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