How to Create the Perfect Event Menu

You want your special day to be perfect, and that means the meal – one of the biggest highlights of the evening – has to be perfect too. But it’s hard to do the job right, especially with so many competing decisions. Appetizers, main courses, sides, beverages, cakes and more … it’s a little exhausting.

Luckily, we’re here with a handy rundown of considerations, so you can take an intelligent approach to meal planning. Also remember, if your venue offers catering, they can help you as well – so it’s always smart to book somewhere that takes care of food and beverages! Whether or not you go that route, however, here’s a list of factors to keep in mind:

Nail All the Elements

First and foremost, you want to account for each portion of the meal. The basic progression goes like this:

  1. Appetizers

  2. Amuses-bouche before dinner or while waiting for your turn in line

  3. Dinner, with 2-3 main dishes and 2-3 sides, plus bread

  4. Cake

  5. Other sweets, such as cupcakes or a candy bar

Typically the choices of the main course include meat or fish. Match the food to your location: light and breezy for the beach, traditional for a ballroom, farm-to-table for an outdoor wedding. However …

Don’t Forget Your Vegetarian Friends

, that’s still six people out of a hundred. You don’t want to disappoint them or resign them to eat rolls and salad for the night.

If you don’t want to commit to a vegetarian dish, send along a meal card in your invitation asking them to check meat, fish or veg. That way you’ll know if you can skip a separate vegetarian-friendly dish. You can also just beef up the side dishes to include lots of protein, such as cheeses or peanut sauce, to account for their needs.

Match Beverages to the Meal

White wine with fish, red wine with meat … is it that simple? Probably not. You also need beer for the ale-lovers and champagne for the toasts. Moreover, you want to match drinks for each part of the meal. Ask your caterer or venue operator to help you make the best decisions.

Skip the Hassle and Work with a Full-Service Venue

the trappings of a wedding: meals, beverages, cake, transportation, flowers, linens, music and more. That’s just what we do here at Southfork Ranch, your full-service provider for epic weddings with Old World Southern hospitality.

Ready to book today? Give us a call at (972) 442-7800 to ask questions or schedule your event. We can’t wait to see you and make your special day perfect.

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